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Mason and Dixon by Thomas Pynchon

Mason and Dixon - Thomas Pynchon

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Read from May 18 to 21, 2013


Jenny found this helpful link: http://masondixon.pynchonwiki.com/wik...

Opening: Snow-balls have flown their Arcs, starr’d the Sides of Outbuildings, as of Cousins, carried Hats away into the brisk Wind off Delaware, - the Sleds are brought in and their Runners carefully dried and greased, shoes deposited in the back Hall, a stocking’d-foot Descent made upon the great Kitchen, in a purposeful Dither since Morning, punctuated by the ringing Lids of various Boilers and Stewing-Pots, fragrant with Pie-Spices, peel’d Fruits, Suet, heated Sugar, - the Children, having all upon the Fly, among rhythmic slaps of Batter and Spoon, coax’d and stolen what they might, proceed, as upon each afternoon all this snowy Advent, to a comfortable Room at the rear of the House, years since given over to their carefree Assaults.

Need to have the beautiful Knopfler/Taylor song

I find this useful too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_...

Sheer genius, and I've saved the file for a re-visit in my rocking chair years.

TBR Busting 2013

"Sans...le canard de Vaucanson vous n'auriez rien qui fit ressouvenir de la gloire de la France." VOLTAIRE" 1 comment

Wanda Close by. Few stone markers remain. Will try to take a piccie for you.
☯Bettie☯ Wanda wrote: "Close by. Few stone markers remain. Will try to take a piccie for you."

Thankee Wanda - that will be fab!
Jeanette (jema) Lovely song. I got this book on the kindle but it is quite a comittment to start it (with my TBR ever-growing too)
☯Bettie☯ Jeanette (jema) wrote: "Lovely song. I got this book on the kindle but it is quite a comittment to start it (with my TBR ever-growing too)"

How lovely you are.

The book so far is WHACKY and fab and all points in between.
Wanda Mason and Dixon Marker - located in southern York County in Pennsylvania. Very few markers remain standing and those remaining are oftentimes located on private property or hidden in farmers' fields. This one is on private property; however, it is located on a farmer's property through which runs a public road. I pulled over and asked him if I may please take a photo. I told him how you were reading this particular book and felt that the marker would enhance your reading of the novel. He was happy to oblige.



On the bottom of the marker there are engravings. Time and weather has erased much of the lettering. However, you will be able to make out "MASON and DIXON LINE" on this side.



Another engraving running along the base of the marker. I can only make out the word "EAGLE." Even viewed with the naked eye, the wording is difficult to read. I will make it a point to go back down and take a rubbing of the engravings along the base of the marker. This will enable me to better read the words.


I hope this enhances your reading of the story. I have this book packed away and now, having gone and found the marker, I am eager to read my copy. Enjoy!

☯Bettie☯ You are not from Georgia but you sure are a peach! This is magnificent and I'm blown away by your dedication. When you go back for rubbings please say a thankee to the farmer from me.

Thank you SO much, super sleuth.

Thanks Jeanette, Mimal, David - what a read! or more to the point for me, a listen.
☯Bettie☯ Thanks Esther. Reckon you'd love this, it's one to get your teeth into. And isn't it lovely that Wanda took photos for us.
Esther Wow. I've been looking over the reviews and links = consternation! It looks amazing or nightmarish or both, which is hard to resist! Will be checking this out. Thanks for pointing it out to me! (Love the song, by the way.)
Esther Completely off-topic, but I stumbled across it and thought of you - http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35....
Bette is for Books ok - so Bettie's song-link has convinced me to read this book:P Thanks Bettie!
☯Bettie☯ Hot Damn Bette - this was an astounding book - really. It is up there in the highest echelons of the highest echelons WITH a double-dose of grit posing as ice-cream.