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The Sanctuary Sparrow (Chronicles of Brother Cadfael #7)

The Sanctuary Sparrow - Ellis Peters

bookshelves: film-only, series, summer-2013, published-1983, historical-fiction, mystery-thriller, medieval5c-16c

Read on July 27, 2013

S01 E02

Derek Jacobi.

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Edith Mary Pargeter:

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Liliwin, a wandering minstrel, is thrown out of Daniel Aurifaber's wedding feast after a jug is broken during his juggling act. Soon after, the groom's father is found senseless beside his empty money box. A lynch mob sets off after Liliwin, who claims sanctuary in the abbey. The next day, the Aurifaber's neighbour is found dead, and the ageing matriarch of their household has a seizure and dies soon after. The following day, the baddies make their escape taking the stolen gold and Rannilt - Liliwin's serving-girl friend - as hostage, but are stopped before the reach the Welsh border.