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Set In Stone

Set in Stone - Robert Goddard

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Read from February 19 to 20, 2012


** spoiler alert **

Read by................... Michael Kitchen
Abr/Unabr................ Unabridged
Genre...................... Fiction - Mystery
Source.................... 10 CD
# Of MP3 Files......... 10
Total Runtime.......... approx 10 Hrs 53 Mins

blurb - Foreshadowing lurks around every corner in this engaging first-person story. Tony Sheridan begins by describing the devastating day of his wife's death four months earlier and, conversationally, recounts to Marina, his late wife, the terrible events that followed. To assuage his grief, he accepts an invitation to visit Marina's sister and her husband at Otherways, a house that he soon learns has held calamity for its earlier inhabitants. This spirit soon infects the current residents, and the tragic dance of betrayal and death continues. Michael Kitchen's understated interpretation adds to the eerie atmosphere. He is an excellent guide through the twists and, sometimes predictable, turns of this suspenseful tale. His pacing is right on target; his voices and accents vary by character but do not parody or overwhelm the production.

I found this totally engrossing, an eye-scorching popcorn read

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Recovering from the recent death of his wife in a cliff fall, Tony Sheridan goes to stay with her sister and her husband at their house in Rutland. The house, called Otherways, is in some senses a character in the story: a strange, circular, moted construction dating from Edwardian times.