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Bright Day by J.B. Priestley

Bright Day - J.B. Priestley

J.B. Priestley was especially fond of this novel of his: "I am not one for favourites," he wrote in the introduction to the Everyman edition, "and I have always been irritated by questions about my favourite this, that and the other. But if I have a favourite among my novels, it is Bright Day, which I wrote towards the end of the war."


bookshelves: summer-2010, published-1946, play-dramatisation, families, britain-england, lifestyles-deathstyles

Recommended for: Radio 4 listeners
Read from May 30 to June 06, 2010


** spoiler alert ** It is amazing how much the past, and in turn, past relationships can take on mammoth proportions to those who feel inadequate to cope with changing times. The less people are able to adapt to change, the more romantic early lifestyle is.

This theme (semi-autobiographical) is deftly dealt with here.

Brahm's Symphony #4

Blurb - Disillusioned scriptwriter Gregory Dawson is staying at a hotel in Cornwall, finishing a script. A chance encounter in the bar sends him back to the lost world of his youth before the slaughter of the First World War when he was a 18-year old in Bruddersford, Yorkshire: Through rediscovering his past Dawson realises where his life took a wrong turn and where he must make amends if he is to start afresh. There is a glow of magic in poignant rediscovery.

Gregory Dawson/Narrator.. Jack Shepherd
Elizabeth Earl... Liza Sadovy
Young Gregory... Dean Smith
Joan Alington.. Sarah Smart
Bridget Alington... Sarah Churm
Eva Alington.. Lowri Evans
Jock / Harfner.... Conrad Nelson
Malcolm Nixey... Fred Ridgeway
Eleanor Nixey... Janice Mckenzie
Mr Alington... David Fleeshman
Mr Ackworth..... Fine Time Fontayne
Brent / Stanley Mervin... Seamus O'Neill
Ben Kerry... Steve Marsh

Dramatised by Diana Griffiths

Drama, Classic & Period
Producer/Director - Pauline Harris.