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With Fire and Sword

With Fire and Sword - Henryk Sienkiewicz, W.S. Kuniczak WOOT! Gutenberg has it: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/37027An Historical NovelOFPOLAND AND RUSSIA.BYHENRYK SIENKIKWICZ.AUTHORIZED AND UNABRIDGED TRANSLATION FROMTHE POLISH BYJEREMIAH CURTIN.Dedication: TOPROF. JOHN FISKE,MY CLASSMATE AND FRIEND, MY FELLOW-TRAVELLER INBOTH HEMISPHERES, THE LUMINOUS HISTORIANOF DECISIVE PERIODS IN AMERICA,IS DEDICATED THIS VOLUME CONCERNING A MOMENTOUSCONFLICT IN EUROPE.Opening: The history of the origin and career of the two Slav States, Poland and Russia, is interesting not merely because it contains a vast number of surprising scenes and marvellous pictures of life, not merely because it gives us a kaleidoscope as it were of the acts of men, but because these acts in all their variety fall into groups which may be referred each to its proper source and origin, and each group contains facts that concern the most serious problems of history and political development.The history of these two States should be studied as one, or rather as two parts of one history, if we are to discover and grasp the meaning of either part fully. When studied as a whole, this history gives us the life story of the greater portion of the Slav race placed between two hostile forces,--the Germans on the west, the Mongols and Tartars on the east.