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The Fox in the Attic by Richard Hughes

The Fox in the Attic. Richard Hughes - Richard Hughes
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Read from September 10, 2013 to January 10, 2015


Description: This, the first volume in Hughes's trilogy "The Human Predicament", takes rich young Augustine to Bavaria on the eve of Hitler's ill-fated 1923 Munich putsch and ends with the departure into a convent of Augustine's romantic first love, the blind Mitzi.

Opening: BOOK ONE: Polly and Rachel: Chapter 1: Only the steady creaking of a flight of swans disturbed the silence, labouring low overhead with outstretched necks towards the sea.

Look at that fab cover, this story just yearns to be cracked open in midwinter. Even though this is the correct ISBN, my actual page count is 412.

Well I loved this a full one star over the average on goodreads. This was a fantastic read, just losing a shade to the initial juddering timelines. Have ordered the second - bring it on, although the third book was never written because Richard Hughes decided to fall off his perch.

Fantastic read this, in the right hands!

4.5* The Fox in the Attic
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