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The King

The King - Kader Abdolah, Nancy Forest Flier

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Read from December 05 to 07, 2013

NetGalley: Canongate Books
Pub Date Jan 16 2014

From the description: It is the nineteenth century and the kingdom of Persia is at a turning point. When a young King, Shah Naser, takes to the throne he inherits a medieval, enchanted world. But beyond the court, the greater forces of colonisation and industrialisation close in. The Shah's grand vizier sees only one solution - to open up to the outside world, and to bring Persia into modernity. But the Shah's mother fiercely opposes the vizier's reforms and sets about poisoning her son's mind against his advisor.

With bloody battles, intrigue and extraordinary characters, The King brings a historical moment brilliantly to life. Reading as fairy tale and shedding light on a pivotal period in history, The King confirms Kader Abdolah as one of the world's most engaging storytellers.

List of main characters
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Note from the translator

Opening: THE KINGS: In the beginning was the cow, and the cow was with God, who bore the name Ahura Mazda.
The cow did not yet produce milk. Ahura Mazda blessed the cow, saying, 'We have appointed no one to have dominion over you. We have created you for those who care for the four-footed beasts and for those who tend their pastures.'

Ahura Mazda tells Zarathustra to protect the cow

Okay, this is written as if a work of poetical, religious importance; easy to see that from the opening lines, however there is the underlying history which I found very interesting.

Overall though, this is not the work for me given that it is written 'now'.