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Captain Blood

Captain Blood - Rafael Sabatini

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Read in January, 2010


Born 9 April 1649
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Died 15 July 1685 (aged 36)
Tower Hill, London, England
Title Duke of Monmouth
Duke of Buccleuch
Earl of Doncaster
Baron Scott of Tynedale
Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire
Custos Rotulorum of Staffordshire
Commander-in-Chief of the Forces
Spouse(s) Anne Scott, 1st Duchess of Buccleuch
Parents Charles II of England
Lucy Walter

The Prince of Orange lands at Torbay
Other names Revolution of 1688
War of the English Succession
Bloodless Revolution
Participants English society
Location England
Date 1688-1689[1:]
Result Replacement of James II by William and Mary

Jacobite war in Scotland
Williamite war in Ireland
War with France; England joins Grand Alliance
Drafting of the Bill of Rights
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Hayes - you reminded me I needed to read this one...

Okay - one would have to be pretty mean-spirited to knock the fact that people have volunteered to spend their time reading these stories for Librivox meaning that I can continue with my life whilst encountering .new.to.me. authors and tales for free. Sometimes though, the changing of readers just as one has accustomed the ears to one person's reading style complete with verbal idiosyncrasies then along comes another JOLTS! The way to look at it is if you really enjoy the story but not so fussed on this delivery method then there is always the option to purchase - my shelves deserve a copy of Captain Blood and whilst the purse is out *drum roll* I shall swat away those moths and secure a copy of Scaramouche as well.