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A Nice Class of Corpse (Mrs Pargeter #1)

A Nice Class of Corpse - Simon Brett

bookshelves: autumn-2011, mystery-thriller, published-1986, fraudio, series, cosy

Read in November, 2011


 A Nice Class of Corpse

mp3 - 5 hrs 5 mins
written and read by Simon Brett

rec by Gerry
rec for Libbeth, Donna, Hayes, light mystery lovers

blurb - Mrs Melita Partridge,a regular series creation of Mr Brett, has been called a kind of anti-Miss Marple and I can see what is being hinted at for while cast in the same fictional mould of of elderly lady snoop she is some way away from being the cosy old grandmother type who inhabit the closed world of British crime novels with a genteel setting. For one thing her late husband was a burglar and she has retained contacts with the criminal elements albeit not the more thuggish elements. Events are centred around the Devereux Hotel in Littlehampton.It is a residential hotel with nought but permanent residents. Residents begin dying,ostensibly accidently but we as readers are made privy to the thoughts of the murderer, for indeed the crimes are murder.The body count begins to mount while Mrs P pursues her investigations with a little help from her criminal friends...

Class-ridden pursed lip snobbery on show here, you can just hear the clucking eeews and icks of self-righteous priggery underlying the caricatures characters.