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The Summer of the Danes (Chronicles of Brother Cadfael #18)

The Summer of the Danes (Chronicles of Brother Cadfael, #18) - Ellis Peters

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Read from June 08 to July 25, 2012

Another one out of the boxes - a quick blow then a swipe with the duster and I'll be able to read the cover.

Opening: The extraordinary events of that summer of 1144 may properly be said to have begun the previous year, in a tangle of threads both ecclesiastical and secular, a net in which any number of diverse people became enmeshed, clerics, from the archbishop down to Bishop Roger de Clinton's lowliest deacon, and the laity from the princes of North Wales down to the humblest cottager in the trefs of Arfon.

hee - 'cottager' has a completely different meaning nowadays doesn't it!

As Ellis Peters:

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CR The Summer of the Danes (Chronicles of Brother Cadfael #18)
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2* Flight of a Witch (Felse, #3)

As Edith Pargeter:

5* Sunrise in the West (Brothers of Gwynedd, #1)
TR The Dragon at Noonday (Brothers of Gwynedd, #2)
TR The Hounds of Sunset (Brothers of Gwynedd, #3)
TR Afterglow and Nightfall (Brothers of Gwynedd, #4)

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