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Death In Holy Orders (Adam Dalgliesh, #11)

Death in Holy Orders - P.D. James

bookshelves: series, tbr-busting-2013, winter-20122013, mystery-thriller, suffolk

Read from February 15 to 16, 2013


** spoiler alert **

East Anglia coastline - St Anselm

Father Martin Petrie - Robert Hardy
Margaret Munroe - Julia McKenzie
Commander Adam Dalgleish - Martin Shaw

Writer - Robert Jones
Director - Jonny Campbell
Producer - Margaret Enefer

From IMDB: New Scotland Yard Commander Adam Dalgleish is asked to have a second look at the death of Ronald Treeves, a student at St. Anselm's seminary. He was killed when a sand dune collapsed and buried him alive and a coroner's inquest ruled that it was an accident but his father refuses to accept the verdict. St. Anselm's is located on a desolate stretch of the English coast and holds a special place for Dalgleish who spent many enjoyable summers there as a young teenager. His initial examination of the evidence reveals nothing but when the housekeeper who discovered Treeves' body dies suddenly, he begins to suspect that something is amiss. The internal politics of the school opens the door to many suspects, particularly as a visiting Church of England official may be seeking to close the school entirely. When a much-disliked cleric is killed, Dalgleish must determine if the motive is related to the school or the result of something more personal. Written by garykmcd

Knitting, and the glasses worn, crack this case.