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Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning - Alan Sillitoe

bookshelves: autumn-2013, published-1958, nottingham, play-dramatisation, fradio, radio-4, britain-england, debut

Read from September 02 to 09, 2013


"Don't let the bastards get you down"

The Theme tune

BBC BLURB: 'Angry young man' Arthur Seaton rages against the boredom of his factory machinist job and home life with 'dead from the neck up' parents.

Determined to avoid a similar slide into domestic drudgery, Arthur is a risk-taking womaniser, enduring each tedious week in the knowledge that the weekend's thrills are to come. But Arthur takes a risk too far, inflicting life-shattering consequences on those around him.

Sound Design: David Chilton Spot Effects: Alison McKenzie Production Manager: Sarah Tombling Director: Carl Prekopp

Producer: Lucinda Mason Brown A Goldhawk Essential production for BBC Radio 4.

Arthur Seaton Joe Dempsie
Aunt Ada Shirley Anne Field
Brenda Natalie Grady
Winnie Sarah Smart
Harold Seaton Philip Fox
Vera Seaton Julia Hills
Fred Seaton Ashley Cook
Barman Ashley Cook
Margaret Seaton Victoria Brazier
Soldier Victoria Brazier
Mrs Bull Rachel Atkins
Robboe Stephen Critchlow
Loudmouth Stephen Critchlow
Jack Graeme Hawley
Policeman Graeme Hawley
Em’ler Lorna Jones
Undertaker Man Sean Baker
Bus Conductor Paul Stonehouse
Billy Felix Lailey

Fantastic Production this, with a music-of-the-times as a backdrop.

Arthur Seaton is a solipsistic wide-boy just a smidgeon short of full-blown sociopath and masterly crafted by Sillitoe.

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4* Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
3* Collected Stories