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Murder is Easy (Superintendent Battle #4)

Murder is Easy - Agatha Christie

bookshelves: fradio, mystery-thriller, play-dramatisation, radio-4, winter-20122013

Read from February 15 to March 07, 2013


winter 2013
pub 1938

1. Ex-policeman Luke Fitzwilliam doesn't believe little old Miss Pinkerton when she tells him that she's off to Scotland Yard to report a serial killer on the loose in her quiet English village. But he's soon forced to reconsider.
2. Luke can no longer believe that so many deaths in one small village are a coincidence, and feels he must find out the truth.
3. Luke and Bridget are getting closer and they think they know who the murderer is, but will anyone believe them?

Luke ..... Patrick Baladi
Bridget ..... Lydia Leonard
Lord Whitfield ..... Michael Cochrane
Miss Waynflete ..... Marcia Warren
Miss Pinkerton ..... Marlene Sidaway
Billy Bones/Rivers ..... Patrick Brennan
Reverend Wake ..... Thomas Wheatley
Rose ..... Lizzy Watts
Abbott ..... Paul Stonehouse
Ellsworthy ..... Ben Crowe
Dr Thomas ..... Will Howard
Major Horton ..... Robert Blythe

Technical presentation was by Anne Bunting and Robin Warren

Directed by Mary Peate

Murder is Easy is another of Joy Wilkinson's fresh new dramatisations of Agatha Christie novels for Radio Four. Previously she has adapted Crooked House, Endless Night, Towards Zero, And Then There Were None and Sparkling Cyanide.