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Possession - A.S. Byatt

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** spoiler alert ** ENCOUNTER ONE:FILM - You know how it is sometimes, so much to do and a very limited space of time such as cleaning a sticky kitchen floor after cooking. I bring out the mop and bucket and announce 'a lick and a promise' will do for now.

I have just watched the film Possession and it is lovely, really lovely but one knows for sure that the book must be far more in depth. So the watching is just 'a lick and a promise' before the real delight of the book.


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ENCOUNTER THREE: BBC in 15 episodes...

blurbs - Roland Michell, an academic research assistant, is completing some work in the London Library, when he comes across two unfinished letters written by the Victorian Poet, Randolph Henry Ash. These letters have obviously not been found by anyone else and they are not to his wife but to an unknown woman. Roland, whose entire academic life has been devoted to studying Ash, decides, recklessly to pocket the letters and try to determine exactly who they were written to.

This is the beginning of a quest that will change literary history and with the help of a feminist literary scholar Maud Bailey, they are determined to find out the truth behind these letters. Certain other characters hear about the letters and are eager to get their hands on them for their own financial gain and will do so, by any means necessary, and so the chase begins.

Written by A S Byatt. Dramatised by Timberlake Wertenbaker

Maud ...... Jemma Redgrave
Roland ...... Harry Hadden-Paton
Ash ....... James d'arcy
Lamotte ..... Rachael Stirling
Blackadder ..... Bill Paterson
Cropper ..... Matthew Marsh
George ...... Kenneth Cranham
Joan ....... Joanna David
Beatrice Nest ...... Stella Gonet
Euan ...... Nicholas Boulton
Fergus ...... Jonjo O'Neil
Hildebrand ..... Robert Portal
Val ...... Laura Pyper
Leonora .... Lorelei
King Raoul/Toby Byng .... Sam Dale
Mrs Wapshott/Mrs Cammish/Mrs lees ..... Jane Whittenshaw
Beth/PA/Mrs Judge/Librarian ...... Rachel Atkins
Girl ...... Sylvie Goodwin

Director: Celia de Wolff A Pier production for BBC Radio 4.