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Mary Barton

Mary Barton - Shirley Foster, Elizabeth Gaskell

bookshelves: victorian, autumn-2010, published-1848, play-dramatisation, britain-england, classic

Recommended for: BBC7 listeners
Read from September 27 to October 22, 2010


  0.0% "A cotton weaver's daughter is wooed - and her Aunt goes missing."
09/28/2010 page 2   0.0% "Mary grows up and takes over the running of the Manchester household."
09/30/2010 page 3   1.0% "Mary Barton, daughter of a cotton weaver, dreams of a better life."
09/30/2010 page 4   1.0% "Jem longs for any sign of affection from Mary - and Carson's Mill catches fire."
10/01/2010 page 5   1.0% "Mill workers are laid off and a desperately poor family is found barely alive in a cellar."
10/04/2010 page 6   1.0% "Tragedy strikes for Jem, but will occupied Mary offer any comfort?"
10/06/2010 page 7   1.0% "Mary is teased at work about her flirtation with Henry Carson, the mill owner's son."
10/08/2010 page 8   2.0% "Mr Barton is desperate for work and a long lost relative gives him a warning about Mary."
10/08/2010 page 9   2.0% "Mary is worried about her father's savage behaviour - and Jem makes his intentions clear."
10/09/2010 page 10   2.0% "Mary refuses a proposal and Aunt Esther makes a reappearance."
10/13/2010 page 11   2.0% "Aunt Esther reappears worried for her niece's welfare - and the mill workers are angry."
10/13/2010 page 12   3.0% "Mill owner, Mr Carson is unsympathetic to his workers' plight and their demands." 6 comments
10/14/2010 page 13   3.0% "Jem's beloved Aunt Alice falls ill - and John Barton's trip ends in tragedy."
10/14/2010 page 14   3.0% "Jem is arrested for murder - while Mary is accused of bringing about his downfall."
10/16/2010 page 15   3.0% "Mary sets out to find an alibi for Jem who stands accused of murder."
10/19/2010 page 16   3.0% "Mary's romantic attachment to the murder victim and the accused, make her the centre of gossip and attention."
10/20/2010 page 17   4.0% "As Jem stands accused of murder, desperate Mary goes to Liverpool in search of a witness."
10/20/2010 page 18   4.0% "Jem's defence has little chance of success without an alibi and Mary is lost in Liverpool." 2 comments
10/21/2010 page 19   4.0% "Jem's mother is forced to give evidence against him at his trial."
10/22/2010 page 20   4.0% "After the verdict at his murder trial - Jem's thoughts turn to his childhood sweetheart." 1 comment