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Stone Virgin

Stone Virgin - Barry Unsworth

bookshelves: one-penny-wonder, published-1985, venice, autumn-2013, bedside, lit-richer, under-500-ratings, italy, historical-fiction, art-forms, mystery-thriller

Read from September 04 to 20, 2013



My hardback version has a different isbn: 9780241115305
Cover artwork by David Senior

Opening: He brings me writing materials without asking for money but he does not speak, I cannot be sure what his motives are, whether he has seen my worth and wishes sincerely to help me or whether he is merely acting on orders from his superiors or is it possible he has believed my promises to reward him when I get out of this hole but whatever the truth of it I take my chance of reaching you, noble Lord, I beg you to find out are my enemies and speak for me, I mean those behind my accusers.

cannot fully recommend to others, yet this hereditory murder mystery had me beguiled

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5* Sacred Hunger
3* The Hide
4* Stone Virgin
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