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Name To A Face - Robert Goddard Read by................... Andrew WincottAbr/Unabr................ UnabridgedGenre...................... Fiction - MysterySource.................... CD [2007]Total Runtime.......... 10 Hrs 48 MinsOverly long story culminating with a healing ossuary relic - not what I read Goddard for. If this is what I wanted I would have reached over for the next in the Mediaeval Murderers series.blurb - Tim Harding is a landscape gardener who moved to Monte Carlo following the death of his wife eight years ago. His major client, investor and friend Barney Tozer asks him to go to Penzance in Cornwall and bid for a ring left by a relative of Barney's in his will. This return brings back memories of his final journey with his late wife as well as introducing him to some unusual and mysterious characters: Barney's taciturn brother, a disgruntled and alcoholic ex-employee of Barney's and the mysterious and elfin housekeeper of Barney's deceased relative. Tim encounters secrets from Barney's past. To complicate matters, Carol Tozer, Barney's wife, is having an affair with Tim and is implicated in these uncovered secrets. This involves a drowning accident off the coast of Scilly of a female journalist who bears an uncanny resemblance to Barney's deceased relative's housekeeper. Tim travels over to Scilly but before he can learn more, the ring which was part of a house auction, is stolen. Tim gets more and more involved in trying to unravel the various secrets which have their foundation in an 18th century shipwreck and his investigation encounters tragedy and murder.Past Caring (1986) - 5* In Pale Battalions (1988) - 5* Take No Farewell (1991) - 4* Hand in Glove (1992) - 3* Closed Circle (1993) - 2* Borrowed Time (1995) - 2.5* Name to a Face (2007) - 1.5*Found Wanting (2008) - 1* abandoned