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Richard III

Richard III: A Small Guide to the Great Debate - Annette Carson

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Read on September 05, 2013

About the author: Carson has researched and written extensively on Richard III. Her book Richard III: The Maligned King (The History Press, 2008) was revised in 2013 and sold out within 3 months. The print edition of A Small Guide was published on 1 July this year and is already stocked, in hundreds, by visitors’ centres at Leicester, Bosworth Battlefield and elsewhere. (Source: netgalley.com )

ARC from Troubador Publishing Ltd, Matador

Opening: The recent dramatic discovery of Richard III's grave in Leicester gave rise to enormous media interest.

The debate in question is 'was Dicky as dire as he was drawn?', and for one of the answers Carson urges us to take a look at how William the Conqueror branded Henry II as an usurper, thereby clearing the way to grab bounty from Harold Godwinson's traitorous followers. It was such, that this coffer-filling parallel move, made by Henry IV against Richard III and his followers, that has influenced the way we think about Richard III.

So if it's a quick view you are looking for, at 80 pages this is really worth the hour or so it takes to read; if you are wanting more, as I am, Richard III: The Maligned King looks good.