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Robert - The Wayward Prince

Robert-The Wayward Prince - Austin Hernon

bookshelves: medieval5c-16c, series, autumn-2013, net-galley, historical-fiction, too-sexy-for-maiden-aunts, published-2013
Read from September 05 to 06, 2013

Translation of words into Welsh by Prysg cyf.

Original cover illustration, maps and charts by Emma Nisson Rutter

There are three dedications and the best is:
For Rupert II,
Duke of Normandy;
you can speak now, my friend,
thank you.
Description: When William the Conqueror died at the age of 59, he left a mess for his sons to sort out between themselves. Little did he know that the dynasty he had created, or hoped to have created, would last only ten years longer than the conqueror himself. The eldest of his three sons, Robert, Duke of Normandy, was denied his father’s crown as he lay dying. Austin Hernon delves into the history of this dysfunctional family to find out why the crown of England was passed to Robert’s flamboyant brother, Rufus, and why the first-born prince has been seemingly erased from history. (Source: netgalley.com )


I have seen Robert's effigy in Gloucester Cathedral, so can you, thanks to wiki:

The prologue opening is 1079 France: Trouble is my eternal and unshakeable companion and today it arrived once more, this time outside my borrowed abode in the fortress of Gerberoy.

This is the first book of a two part eponymous extravaganza and the action begins in chapter one with our hero, aged 32, encountering a 16 year old beauty, Morberga, in a stable. One is immediately exposed to first person narrator, which can be so confining, and leads to speaking of events elsewhere instead of showing action-loving readers the goods.

The life of Robert is not as well known as his flamboyant younger brother William Rufus, and still younger sibling, the calculating Henry. It seems as if Robert has been photo-shopped out of history to a greater extent.

Modern man thought process and anachronistic dialogue spotted the history, as did the eroticism. It is a shame that the book descrition does not inform well enough that this book is explicit in sexual nature and those who pay good money believing they are purchasing historical fiction as opposed to historical romance may lead to low ratings.