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The History of Charles XII; King of Sweden - Francois-Marie Arouet De Voltaire Hardcover: 285 pagesPublisher: Folio Society; 1st ed thus edition (1976)Language EnglishISBN-10: 0850670985ISBN-13: 978-0850670981Translated by Antonia WhiteIntroduction by R M HattonNB - my particular copy comes without the sheathCondition: Used - Good Sold by: O'Donoghue BooksThe back story as to why I needed to hunt down this book - Christian VII of Denmark (sort of an early blueprint for Bram Brontë) id(o)(ea)lised the Swedish King Charlie twelve after obsessivesuccessive readings of this book. Charlie twelve was nothing but a war-monger who spent very little time in Sweden, and nowadays he is 'revered by the neo-nazis' here in sverige (Quote from husband).First lines: - Sweden and Finland compose a kingdom about two hundred of leagues broad and three hundred long. It extends from south to north from roughly latitude 55 to latitude 70, and has a rigorous climate with almost no spring or autumn.Stanislas Leszczynski was born 1766 in Lwów (Poland - today Lviv in Ukraine), on October 20th. He's the only son of Rafal Leszczynski, Duke and Count of Lesno, Palatin of Lenezin, and Anna Katarzyna Jablonowska. He started his political career in 1696, after the death of the King Jean Sobieski. In 1702, Poland was invaded by King Charles II of Sweden, who forced the Polish nobility to depose King Augustus II of Saxony. In 1704 he placed Stanislas Leszczynski on the throne. But in 1709, he was defeated by the Russians in Poltava. Augustus II of Saxony returned on his throne and Stanislas was forced to go into exile. After ten years of wandering, which led him from Bender - where he was imprisoned by the Turks - to the Duchy of Zweibrücken (Germany) - of which he got the enjoyment from his friend Charles XII in 1714. He finally settled in Wissembourg, in the Intendancy of Alsace, where the Regent offered him a residence and allowed him a small rent. In 1725, the unexpected wedding of his daughter Marie Leszczynska with the young Louis XV let him the door open for a new life. Stanislas got now a rent from France, he settled in Chambord, then in Ménars.