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A German Requiem - Philip Kerr A March Violet, using the definition of that time, meant somone who lately came to Nazism more as a personal survival strategy than a conviction and that basically was Bernie Gunther's stance in book #1. I haven't been able to lay my hands on #2 The Pale Criminal, which is a shame because it would have been interesting to see how Bernie managed to navigate his way through WWII as an SS officer. So as it stands, here I am about to open #3 of the original Berlin Noir trilogy. Kerr has added to Gunther's adventures over the years and it will be on the verdict of Requiem as to whether I will pursue those.Love the snappy lines covering this gritty story. It could be easy to miss the excellent grasp Kerr has for this post wwii period because the cant is just so clever.I''ve seen moth-eaten umbrellas stay open for longer than Vienna does at night.The water from the Swiss alps was cleaner than the squeak of a dentist's rubber gloveHe replied in a voice as low as a stolen bassoon.No thanks, I can smell her pants from here.--------------- Read By: Jeff Harding Total Duration: 10:45:49 Book Description/Blurb - Bernie Gunther had his first brush with evil as a policeman in 1930s Berlin and came to know it intamately as a private eye under the Nazis, when each case drew him deeper into the enormities of the regime.Now the war is over and Gunther is in Vienna, trying to clean an old friend of the murder of an American officer. Amid decaying imperial splendour, he traces spirals of depravity that lead him to a former head of the Gestapo.