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A Stuga On the Cusp of the Orust Riviera, tucked away next to a hobbit hole in the woods.

Memoirs of a Midget - Walter de la Mare, Alison Lurie Read here for freeFirst line - Some years ago a brief account of me found its way into one or two country newspapersCannot work out if this is 1921 or 1922 first publication year as there is conflicting information on the net.quin·sy (kw n z ). n. Acute inflammation of the tonsils and the surrounding tissue, often leading to the formation of an abscess. ...Adam and Eve by Boschfrom the Guardian - De la Mare's preoccupation with the Brontës is unsubtle (Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre get several direct references) and, on occasion, the first-person narrative slips into the parodic. But Memoirs of a Midget is a triumphant work of fiction: a portrait of a complex heroine who the reader will ultimately find quite as compelling as Jane or Cathy.