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A Day in the Life of a Smiling Woman: Complete Short Stories - Margaret Drabble, Jose Francisco Fernandez 1 - The Gifts of War: Worlds collide over a birthday present in this 1970 entry from the author's collected stories.2 - A Success Story: A night out leaves playwright Kathie contemplating relationships and success in this 1972 story read by Tracy Wiles.3 - A Voyage to Cythera: A chance encounter leads a lonely woman to a romantic fantasy in this 1967 excerpt from Margaret Drabble's collected stories.4 - Hassan's Tower: A honeymoon in foreign parts is the setting for this 1966 excerpt from Margaret Drabble's collected stories. Read by Carl Prekopp.5 - Faithful Lovers: A chance return to an old stomping ground, with all its echoes of love, sets a wheel in motion again in the authors' 1968 story. Read by Adjoa Andoh.She has a lovely face,someone you could trust, and her writing is very polished but apparently not for my delectation. #4 was the best of the bunch but for the most I have filed this deep within the iYawn pigeon-hole