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The Breaking Wave (Vintage International) - Nevil Shute blurb - The Breaking Wave (aka Requiem for a Wren)A deeply moving story of friendship and enduring love which brings to a vivid reality the silent tensions of everyday life in England before D-Day. As the invasion fleet masses, Janet Prentice, a forthright yet deeply sensitive Leading Wren, meets two young Australians - a commando sergeant and his elder brother - a much-decorated pilot. The events of those crowded days, and their aftermath, are told with a compassionate brilliance which shows why Nevil Shute remains among the world's most popular storytellers.Read by Patrick TullTake note, Iain Banks, Nevil Shute could write. hah!3* - No Highway (1948)4* - A Town Like Alice (1950)3.5* - Round The Bend (1951)3.5* - The Far Country (1952)3* - The Breaking Wave (1955)4* - On The Beach (1957)