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Fleshmarket Close - Ian Rankin IMDB: A man from Kosovo is killed in a seedy Edinburgh slum. Considered by some to be a hate crime, due largely to the racist slur painted on the victim's head -- Rebus is unconvinced. Clues lead to the dirty underworld of gangland bosses, and their control over the local underprivileged. Fingerprints, blood stains, odd looks, dramatic music cues -- even unused tickets to a soccer match -- all lead Rebus to another corpse. Rebus sees the killer's motivation not as racist, but rather of sibling rivalry, hidden passion, or something much more devious... Or maybe not. Written by Ted Strong The disappearance of a young woman, Merlinda Kelmendi, leads DI Rebus and DS Clarke to search for her in a seedy neighborhood. To the best that they can determine, she may have run off with Danny McLeese who, along with his brother Simon, is a racist thug who extorts protection money from some of the local residents. In the course of the investigation however, they find the body of Muzzafer Yurgi who had managed to escaped from the immigration detention center that still held his wife and child. Fingerprints at the scene match those of the missing Danny McLeese. When a second immigrant is found dead - with McLeese still missing - he begins to suspect that the motivation for the killing is something altogether different. Written by garykmcd