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Black and Blue - Ian Rankin re-read via tv film: IMDB BLURB The first of the REBUS programs introduces the Scottish Detective Inspector John Rebus as he untangles the various strands of the interwoven web of criminal intrigues from Leith, Edinburgh to Aberdeen and Glasgow and points between. A serial killer of young women of the past, known as 'The Preacher' appears to have a copycat murderer dubbed 'The Disciple', who is repeating the modus operandi. But is it 'The Preacher' who has returned to continue his work of death? Or it is truly another serial killer at work? Intermingled with the workings of the CID Edinburgh to solve these problems, Rebus is pulled off the case to pursue a strange death of what appears to be unintentional suicide. This strand of the web takes Rebus through more suicides, murders, drug trafficking, money laundering, exposure of dirty cops and questionable liaisons between a couple of the suspects. The stressed-out Rebus manages to reach the centre of the web and skillfully gets the tangles sorted out in this fast-paced presentation. Written by AnonymousJohn Hannah ... DI John Rebus Jim Norton ... Ryan Slocum (The Preacher) Ewan Stewart ... DI Morton Sara Stewart ... DCI Gill Templer Joanna Roth ... Eve Kendall Stuart Hepburn ... D Supt McCaskill---------------3* - Knots and Crosses (1987) 4* - Tooth and Nail (1991) 3* - Hide and Seek (1991) 3* - Strip Jack (1992) 4* - A Good Hanging (1992) 3* - The Black Book (1993) 3* - Mortal Causes (1994) 3* - Let it Bleed (1995) TR - Blood Hunt (1995) 3* - Black and Blue (1997) 3* - The Hanging Garden (1998) 3* - Dead Souls (1999) 3* - Set in Darkness (2000) 4* - The Falls (2001) 4* - Resurrection Men (2002) 2* - Beggar's Banquet (2002) 4* - A Question of Blood (2003) 4* - Fleshmarket Close (2004) 2* - Rebus's Scotland (2005) TR - The Naming Of The Dead(2006) TR - Exit Music (2007) 4* - The complaints (2009)