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Dream Story - Arthur Schnitzler, J.M.Q. Davies, Frederic Raphael Translated by J M Q DaviesPaul Rhys reads Arthur Schnitzler's 1926 novella which details the psychological exploration of a marriage.blurb - Read over 8 episodes Dream Story (or Traumnovelle) is set in Vienna at the start of the 20th Century where Fridolin, a doctor, and his wife Albertine have a young child. They have enjoyed a conventional marriage but one evening confess their private desires to one another. Fridolin, though outwardly calm, is horrified to hear that his wife held a brief but passionate longing for a Dane she saw, but never spoke to, on their holiday.That night Fridolin sets off on a surreal journey through the streets of Vienna in an effort to affirm his own sexuality and to avenge what he perceives as his wife's infidelity...The Author:-----------Schnitzler, the son of a prominent Jewish laryngologist, was born in Vienna, then capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and began studying medicine at the University of Vienna in 1879. He received his doctorate of medicine in 1885 and worked in Vienna's General Hospital, but ultimately abandoned medicine in favour of writing.His works were often controversial, both for their frank description of sexuality (Sigmund Freud, in a letter to Schnitzler, confessed "I have gained the impression that you have learned through intuition — though actually as a result of sensitive introspection — everything that I have had to unearth by laborious work on other persons")Schnitzler was branded as a pornographer after the release of his play Reigen, and his works were later cited as an example of "Jewish filth" by Adolf Hitler. Reigen was made into a French language film in 1950 by the German-born director Max Ophuls under the title La Ronde. The film achieved considerable success in the English-speaking world, with the result that Schnitzler's play is better known there under Ophul's French title.-----------------------Will have to search for the film: The Movie: Recognised as Schnitzler's masterpiece, this book was also the inspiration for Stanley Kubrick's last film, Eyes Wide Shut.Stanley Kubrick died on 7 March 1999 at his Hertfordshire home, having finished the editing of his last film. Eyes Wide Shut was released later that year. The adaptation relocates and updates the story to contemporary Manhattan, and stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.