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Abyssinian Chronicles - Moses Isegawa Opening sentence - Three final images flashed across Serenity's mind as he disappeared into the jaws of the colossal crocodile: a rotting buffalo with rivers of maggots and armies of flies emanating from its cavities; the aunt of his missing wife, who was also his longtime lover; and the mysterious woman who had cured his childhood obsession with tall women.There is no reference as to whom the translator might be, neither is there a dedication.halfway mark and I must remark on a few thoughts so far:- more holes than a pack of polo mints- over familiarity towards the reader and that as we know fuels contempt- I have a problem with the title as the story relates to Uganda *shrugs*The End and thank goodness. Not so bad that I could have fun flaying its hide however it was a long drag for little return.