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Dying to Tell - Robert Goddard #14. Dying to Tell (2001). CD. [11 Hours 5 Mins] read by Gerard Doyle. blurb - Lance Bradley, idling his life away in the little Somerset town of Glastonbury, suddenly receives a call for help from the eccentric sister of his old friend Rupert Alder. Rupe appears to have vanished without trace. Reluctantly, Lance goes to London, to discover that Rupe's employers want him tried for fraud. A Japanese businessman claims he has stolen a document of huge importance. And a private detective is demanding money for trying to trace, on Rupe's behalf, an American called Townley, who was involved in a mysterious death at Wilderness Farm, near Glastonbury, back in 1963. No sooner has Lance decided that whatever Rupe was up to is too risky to get involved in than he finds that he already is involved, and the only way out is to get in deeper still. Where is Rupe? What is the document he has stolen? Who is Townley? And what happened at Wilderness Farm nearly thirty years before that holds the key to a secret more amazing than Lance Bradley could ever have imagined?I have known his storylines to be somewhat far-fetched on occaision however his writing has always good to roll around the palate, with the odd sentence requiring shut eyes to imagine a description just as he orders it on the page. Dreadful writing, product placement, bad (and now dated) story and if that wasn't enough the narrator had changed and not for the good. 5* - Past Caring (1986) 5* - In Pale Battalions (1988) 3* - Into The Blue (Harry Barnett #1) [1990] 4* - Take No Farewell (1991) 3* - Hand in Glove (1992) 2* - Closed Circle (1993) 2.5* - Borrowed Time (1995)4* - Caught in the Light (1998)4* - Set in Stone (1999) 3* - Sea Change (2000)1* - Dying to Tell (2001)3* - Days Without Number (2003) 3* - Play to the End (2004)1.5* - Name to a Face (2007) 1* - Found Wanting (2008)