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Imperium - Ryszard Kapuściński, Klara Glowczewska I always think that a book with a handwritten and personalised inscription should be kept:JoanHappy (belated) Birthday 2002Jamie xTranslated from the Polish by Klara Glowczewska. The book is in three sections:First Encounters (1939-1967)From the Preface: I tell about the entrance of soviet troops into my hometowm in the Peloise region of Poland (today this is Belorussia), and a journey across a snow-covered and desolate Siberia, about an expedition to Transcaucasia and to the republics of Central Asia - in other words, to the territories of the former USSR that are filled with exoticism, conflicts, and a singular atmosphere replete with emotion and sentiments.From a Bird's Eye View (1989-1991): it is an account of several of my longer wanderings over the vast lands of the Imperium, which I made in the years of its decline and final disintegration (final at least insofar as the form in which it existed in 1991 is concerned). I made these journeys alone, bypassing official institutions and routes, and the pathes of these expeditions led from Brest (the border between the former USSR and Poland) to Magadan on the Pacific, and from Vorkuta beyond the Artic Circle to Termez (the border with Afghanistan). A total of about sixty thousand kilometres.The Sequel Continues (1992-1993):a collection of reflections and observations and notes that arise.