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Betrayals - Charles Palliser snowChristmasOpening - Professor Ritchie writes: So small is the world of immunotoxinology that it is not surprising - though somewhat ironic - that it should fall to myself to write the obituary of William Herbert Dugdale. The fact that I have outlived him is an irony that his mordant sense of humour might have equipped him to appreciate.*The fun starts with that little star at the end of the above opening, for it denotes a very telling footnote. Somewhere, and I think it is attributed to Twain, there is a quote which about being smart is SO secondary to being intelligent and this is round about where this tale is. Quincunx (1989) - 5*The Sensationist (1991) - 1* (an experiment((?)) that didn't chuff me up at all)Betrayals (1994) - back to the Gothic riddles - 3*(just)