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A Stuga On the Cusp of the Orust Riviera, tucked away next to a hobbit hole in the woods.

The Angels Weep - Wilbur Smith Imported from tablet:Ballantyne Angels WeepFinished 8/5/20123.5*Dropped star value when Part One stopped at the death of that bastard Rhodes, and Part Two started out 1977, introducing us to events surrounding the fall of Rhodesia and the Ballantyne Grandchildren's shenanigans. Read By: Jon Cartwright Duration: 22:15Description: An exciting story of action, adventure and romance. Set in Rhodesia the novel's characters, both black and white, play out their parts in a turmoil of action during which the seeds of hatred and future tragedy are sown. BALLANTYNE:4* A Falcon Flies (1980)4* Men of MenCR The Angels WeepThe Leopard Hunts in DarknessThe Triumph of the Sun (Ballantyne #5 = Courtney #12)ANCIENT EGYPT 4* - River God (1993) 4* - The Seventh Scroll (1995) 4* - Warlock (2001) 3* - The Quest (2007) STAND ALONES:3* - The Diamond Hunters (1971) 4* - The Sunbird (1972) 3* - Golden Fox (1990) 3* - Birds of Prey (1997) 3* - Blue Horizon (2003) 1* - Those in Peril (2011)