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The Names of Things - Susan Brind Morrow The strapline: A Passage in the Egyptian Desert.Dedication: For LannyFour Sections:Dead Lanuguage - You could begin with the crab that scratches in the sand. The name of the animal is the action or sound it makes, or its color.page 21: Bale de bale kerulos eienos t'epi kumatos anthos am' alkuoessi potetainedeed etor exon, aliporphuros iaros ornisWould oh would I were a kingfisher that flies with the halcyons along the breaking waves, with a fearless heart, that holy bird, the deep blue of the sea.From the papyrus which was discovered in 1855 at Saqqara by the French Egyptologist, Mariette, and is now in the Louvre.Cairo 1989 - Cairo is UM A DUNYA, Mother of the World. Coming into the city, I am appalled at how chaotic it is.Where the Cranes Landed - In Ramses Station the air is dense with noise, voices, movement, the heavy undercurrent throb of the engines of standing trains. page 141: Southern Egypt is heavily Christian. The Copts fled to the south under Roman persecution and were isolated here, living in temples and desert caves. The language, the link to Ancient Egyptian with Greek influence, is still spoken in places, and Saidi, which the peasants speak, is full of Coptic words, fragments of the earliest language, often simply double sounds.Gifts from the Sea - They have skin like Beni Adam but it is green, and they breathe like Beni Adam. Their eyes are gold. They fingers and hands. They live in sweet water. They come out after rain and they sing all night long.