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Faithful Ruslan (Rn: Georgi Nikolaevich Volosevich 1.Ti) - GEORGI VLADIMOV Translated from the Russian by Michael Glenny.First line - All night it howled, the lamps creaking and swinging, the outside latch rattling; then toward morning it subsided, grew quiet and the Master came.From wiki - Vladimov's most famous novel was Faithful Ruslan the tale of Ruslan, a guard dog in a Soviet Gulag labor camp, told by the dog. It circulated in the Soviet Union as a samizdat publication, before being published in West Germany in 1975.The guard dog as metaphor for Stalin's Russia. I notice on the back cover that it was, originally, widely attributed to Solzhenitsyn and cannot see how that misunderstanding of style could have happened *shrugs*