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Me and Hitch - Evan Hunter Evan Hunter: he was even better known as Ed McBain, a name he used for most of his crime fiction, beginning in 1956.#1 - Screenwriter Evan Hunter is set to meet film director Alfred Hitchcock in 1960s Hollywood - but what to wear? Read by Ed Bishop.#2 'The Birds' screenwriter hatches an idea - but can it win Alfred Hitchcock the Academy Award he craves? Read by Ed Bishop. http://youtu.be/3nOfjHPcflI#3 The first draft of Hitchcock's new film is written, but people still want to know - why did the birds do it? #4 Evan Hunter starts on the screenplay for 'Marnie' - and over at 'The Birds' Hitchcock gets out his pen.#5 'The Birds is Coming', but as Hitchcock plans his next film, Marnie, what is the screenwriter's future?Really interesting.Slightly bitchfest but how else could one deal Hitchcock...