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Besieged: Life Under Fire on a Sarajevo Street - Barbara Demick BOTW BBC Radio 4Blurberoonies - To mark the twentieth anniversary of the start of the siege of Sarajevo the award winning journalist Barbara Demick revisits her evocative eyewitness account of how the residents of one street in the city endured three and half years of living in a warzone. Today, bellicosity is met with denial before harsh and terrifying realities kick in. Besieged: Life Under Fire on a Sarajevo Street is the first UK publication of Barbara Demick's first book. To counter the effects of "compassion fatigue" the book began life as a series of articles evoking the daily lives of several families and how they endured years of deprivation, terror, and the loss of loved ones and friends. Her portrayal of Logavina Street's residents is at once intimate and vivid.Barbara Demick's coverage of the war in Sarajevo won the George Polk Award and the Robert F. Kennedy Award. She is a foreign correspondent for the Los Angeles Times based in Beijing. In 2010 she won the Samuel Johnson Prize for Nothing to Envy: Real Lives in North Korea.Read by Laurel Lefkow Abridged by Julian Wilkinson Produced by Elizabeth Allard.4 - In this episode, a ceasefire and new causes of anguish.5 - Barbara Demick's eyewitness account of the siege of Sarajevo. Read by Laurel Lefkow. Hostilities end and, 20 years on, a look at how life has changed on Logavina Street.Terrible events however nothing new brought to the table with this:Low 3*