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Now In November - Josephine Winslow Johnson Opening: Now in November I can see our years as a whole.This autumn is like both an end and a beginning to our lives, and those days which seemed confused with the blur of all things too near and too familiar are clear and strange now.Well over expected enjoyment levels with this and I just so love pleasant surprises. Picked this up for the seasonal title, and as a hattip to US flisters celebrating their Turkey Day What a shame this book has been smothered out of sight by The Grapes of Wrath; this is a fabulous telling of the US depression and dustbowl years, and came five years before Steinbeck's fantastic masterpiece.Both books deserve to be read and loved.4* Now in November1* The Gates of November3* Moominvalley in NovemberNovember by Flaubert was a self-inflicted disaster: I ordered the German Language translation DOH!