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Island of the Blessed: the Secrets of Egypt's Everlasting Oasis - Harry Thurston Reminded about this by Friederike (Q:where has my old copy gone?A: buried under the sands of time in a borrower's lair no doubt) Dedication: for Catherine and Meghan who shared this journey, with loveAcknowledgementsIt is Impossible to talk about the history of civilisation without talking about waterSANDRA POSTEL 'Pillar of Sand' 1999PrologueOpening: Standing atop the 500-metre-high Libyan Plateau, a great limestone-capped prominence that shines white, pink or violet depending upon the angle of light and time of day, I peer over the edge of a dry ocean of sand, rippling with crests and troughs of golden, wave shaped dunes.Page 17: Before the 1970s, despite the venerable history of Egyptology, no archaeologists had concentrated their efforts on the oases, opting instead to study the magnificent ruins that border the Nile. Eventually, however, a team of archaeologists focused their attention on Dakhleh and began to chart an unbroken 400,000 year pageant of human endeavour.If you are prone to say something along these lines...-did not finish. Too factual as it was an account of the actual archeological dig, a grain of sand at a time. First time ever i did not finish a book... :( tried twice to read it....then I would hazard a guess this is not the book for you. It IS a dig book, however the spin is slightly, as they say in the trade, 'out there'; read in superfluous conjecture. Fantastic work been done here since mid 1970s, take a look: http://youtu.be/iAFG0hISgrs