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December - Phil Rickman From the author note: The Holy Mountain, Ysgyryd Fawr - the Skirrid - noses out of the lushly mysterious area where Gwent blends with Hertfordshire beyond the friendly market town of Abergavenny, scene of the notorious massacre of December 1175.Scene setting: December 1980 as Lennon is shot, a band is set to record an album at the Abbey Studios, North Gwent, between midnight and dawn. PAGE COUNT IS 648 - thankswales> north gwent> skirridwelsh gothicpage 30: "[..] I started playing 'Julia', the Lennon song off the White Album, the one introducing Yoko to his dead mother." http://youtu.be/iiSb41sFNlIpage 306: "Married to a good, steady breeder. My six older bruvvers was already grown-up, one had a kid. Here he was a bleeding grandad.""And you were the seventh son," Meryl said huskily. "it's true then. It's really true."http://youtu.be/1EngRmYu_vsPage 334: A very rural area. Other Abbeys were marked. Tintern, Llanthony, Abbey Dore. Two hills outside Abergavveny, the Sugar Loaf and The Skirrid.Great Welsh Gothic tale here, however overly long at a spit short of 700 pages. Rickman likes to channel-in (hah!) dead classic rock musicians; it was Nick Drake in the Merrily Watkins series:http://youtu.be/y11X5WljnFAMy favourite: http://youtu.be/R6zCmCIsoAE------------------------------------4* The Wine of Angels4* Midwinter of the Spirit3* A Crown of Lights4* The Bones of Avalon4* December--------------------------------------AB A Week in December4* December3* Winter Solstice--------------------------------------2* A Country Christmas3* A Killer's Christmas in Wales