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A Stuga On the Cusp of the Orust Riviera, tucked away next to a hobbit hole in the woods.

Red Bones - Ann Cleeves mp3 workadayRed Bones [2009] , 11 hours 24 mins, blurb: An island shrouded in mist and a community with secrets buried in the past . . .When a young archaeologist studying on a site at Whalsay discovers a set of human remains, the island settlers are intrigued. Is it an ancient find – or a more contemporary mystery? Then an elderly woman is shot in a tragic accident in the middle of the night. Shetland detective Jimmy Perez is called in by her grandson – his own colleague, Sandy Wilson. The sparse landscape and the emptiness of the sea have bred a fierce and secretive people. Mima Wilson was a recluse. She had her land, her pride and her family. As Jimmy looks to the islanders for answers, he finds instead two feuding families whose envy, greed and bitterness have lasted generations. Surrounded by people he doesn’t know and in unfamiliar territory, Jimmy finds himself out of his depth. Then there’s another death and, as the spring weather shrouds the island in claustrophobic mists, Jimmy must dig up old secrets to stop a new killer from striking again . . .Cleeves's crimes are solvable waay too early, which leaves the reader going 'tum-te-tum' for the remainder of the book.#39 TBR Busting 2013The Shetland Quartet has, apparently, 5 books according to the Goodreads author page.3* Raven Black3* White Nights3* Red BonesTR Blue LighteningVera Stanhope3* The Crow Trap3* Telling Tales3* Hidden Depths