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Henry IV, Part 2 - William Shakespeare Jeremy Irons as King Henry IVTom Hiddleston as Prince HalSimon Russell Beale as FalstaffJulie Walters as Mistress QuicklyAlun Armstrong as Northumberland 3/4 Rebels continue to plot against Henry IV. Falstaff hopes for high office. Cry God For Harry - An adaptation from Henry IV, Parts 1 and 2 and Henry VFirst broadcast 1977 (R7 repeat 2004, 2005)Cast:Robert Lang, Alan Howard, Brewster Mason, Peter Egen,Donald Huston, David Buck, Susan Thomas, MauriceDenham, Michael Godfrey, John Hollis, John Bull, PatriciaHayes, Bernard Gallaher, David Horovich, Tony McEwen,Stephen Thorne, Joe Dunlop, Victoria Plucknit, ChristopherSaul, David Strom, Brenda Bruce, Hugh Dixon, GarrickHagen, Nigel Lambert, Jack May, Clifford Norgate, PeterGeoffrey, Sean Barrett, Carleton Hobbs, Richard Derrington,Michael Redgrave, Gavin Campbell, John Westbrook, KevinFlood, John Rye, David March, Sam Dustor, ChristopherBinead, Hayden Jones, Anthony Hall, Michael Harbour,Carol Russo, Christopher PickneadAdapted and Directed by Dickon Reid1. Riot And Dishonour The rebellion gathers pace in part one of this adaptation of Shakespeare's Henry IV and Henry V. Starring Alan Howard and Peter Egan.2. Glorious Deeds With the rebellion in full force, the battle begins in this adaptation of Shakespeare's Henry IV and Henry V. 3. Falstaff Goodnight Northumberland learns that his son Hotspur has been killed by Prince Hal and that the rebellion has failed. Episode 3 of 4. The Tide Of Blood Henry IV has won the battle against the rebels but he doesn't feel happy about his victories.5. The Action Of The Tiger Adaptation of Shakespeare. As King Henry V takes to the throne he prepares for a battle with FRANCE.6. St Crispin's DayHenry V rallies his men as the battle between ENGLAND and FRANCE begins. Adaptation of Shakespeare.