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A Pride of Tigers - Sybil Marshall Withdrawn from Suffolk County Council Library ServicesThis book is mainly about the Fen Tigers families based around Ugg Mere, Huntingtonshire (now Cambridgeshire).The cover: The illustrations are by Ewart Oakeshott: (25 May 1916 — 30 September 2002) was a British illustrator, collector, and amateur historian who wrote prodigiously on medieval arms and armour. He was a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, a Founder Member of the Arms and Armour Society, and the Founder of the Oakeshott Institute. His classification of the medieval sword, the Oakeshott typology, lives on today as the premiere work on the systematic organization of medieval weaponry. (wiki sourced)Chapters 1-3 explain hardscrabble life, family connections, illnesses and dialect. Chapter 4 might up the reading: The Fenland Habitat.Chapter 5: A Celtic Heritage.At The Heights Elementary school circa 1900-1930, history lessons began with The Romans. "The fashion of beginning with the cave men and never getting beyond The Vikings came later."Ramsey the rich of gold and fee;Thorney the flower of many a fair tree.Crowland the courteous of their meat and drink:Ely the gluttons, as all men do think.Peterborough the proud, as all men do say,And Sawtrey, by the way,That old AbbayeGave more alms in one dayThan all they. (Sawtrey was 'by the way' of the Knight's Road to London, later the Great North Road and now the A1.)Now for the etymological blurb re the term Fen Tiger:Most of this was skimmable, was holding out for something along the lines of:"And I found an old chest in the attic where there were drawn plans and named instigators for future attacks on those vile lowlanders..."Not to be. One interesting fact about the author, she created Picture Box on TV - I remember that!.