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Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives - Alan Bullock This baby weighs just over 2kg - or, in real money, just a soupçon under 4½ lbs. Also have a digi version to highlight and copy Group read starting on The Ides of March 2013. Join Bird Brian here: http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/84205-hitler-and-stalin-by-alan-bullock--group-readTo watch: http://youtu.be/zZaPlrwwKAUDedication:For my wife Nibbyand our children and grandchildrenOpening: Stalin: 1879-1899 Hitler: 1889-1908 (birth to age 19 years) Who, then, were these two men who were to leave such an indelible imprint on European history in the twentieth century? They were born more than ten years apart, Stalin at Gori, a small country town in Georgia on the River Kura within sight of the Caucasus Mountains, Hitler at Braunau on the River Inn, on the Austrian side of the frontier with Bavaria. According to his birth certificate, registering the birth of Joseph Dzhugashvili at the Cathedral of the Assumption in Gori, Stalin (as he later became known) was born on 6 December 1878 (New Style 18 December). It was only in December 1922 that his secretary Tovstukha, making out a new CV for him, gave his day of birth as 21 December (NS) 1879, a year and three days later.’That was the date on which the peoples of the USSR celebrated his fiftieth birthday in 1929, and the whole Communist world his 70th birthday in 1949. The discrepancy was only discovered when the Central Party Archive was opened in the 19905 and no explanation of it has so far been given. I have continued to use the official date of 21 December 1879. There is no question about the date of Hitler’s birth, 20 April 1889, under ten years later. The gap in age is a fact never to be forgotten in any comparison of the different stages of their careers; it grew even wider at the end, Hitler dying in 1945 at the age of fifty—six, Stalin outliving him to die in 195 3, just short of his seventy-fifth birthday. Page 156: No personal experience has come to light which could help to explain the intensity of Hitler’s hatred of the Jews, although some biographers have pointed to the obscene language in which he habitually wrote and spoke of this as pointing to a sexual origin. It is a disturbing question to consider when was the last occasion on which this ‘man, who was responsible for the death of six million Jews, actually spoke to or met a Jew in person. But ‘the Jew’ as one encounters him in the pages of Mein Kampf and Hitler’s ravings bears no resemblance to flesh-and-blood human beings of Jewish descent: he is an invention of Hitler's obsessional fantasy, a Satanic creation, expressing his need to create an object on which he could concentrate his feelings. Well folks ´we 've had the GRamazon thingie and no one wants to play ball. Methinks they didn't want to play ball in the first place... it was leass than tepid.OTOH I have enjoyed, not much that wasn't apparent from other sources; not much that I didn't know, so HEY a cool book.#61 TBR Busting 2013