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Perilous Question: Reform or Revolution? Britain on the Brink, 1832 - Antonia Fraser Perilous Question: Reform or Revolution? Britain on the Brink, 1832 Radio 4: BOTWnon -fichistory britain politicsAntonia Fraser YIPPEEEEEEEEEEpub 2013spring 2013 Holland HouseBBC blurb: "The struggle for the Great Reform Bill of 1832 took place a the crossroads of English history." - so says Antonia Fraser in her lively and insightful account of the political change that took place during this period.Times were in flux. The Industrial Revolution was underway. The reverberations of the French Revolution were still being felt. And the country would be ruled by a new monarch, William IV.And political change, who and how we would vote, was now in the spotlight. Put there mainly by the Whigs - led by Earl Grey.Age-old corruption, rotten boroughs, even hereditary peers would feel these winds of change. But how would the Bill be made law? Bumpily and dramatically, as it turned out, and its path is followed in five episodes, which are abridged by Katrin Williams.Reader Adrian Scarborough Producer Duncan Minshull.1: It is the beginning of the 1830's. One king has died, another has been toppled, and the word 'reform' is in the air. But who will press for it?2: The Whigs, led by Lord Grey, were the forerunners in pushing through Parliamentary reform. But who exactly were these men, and what was 'the committee'?3: The bill to reform the voting system goes through the House of Commons but its passage in the Lords is spectacularly blocked.4: Changes in the voting system are blocked by the House Of Lords, so anger and unrest spill onto the streets. The streets of Bristol, for instance.5: After months of dramatic debate and hand-wringing, reform of Britain's voting system wins the day, and the bill becomes law.Excellent. Holland House Library 19403* Perilous Question4* Must You Go4* Marie Antoinette3* Kings and Queens of England3* The Gunpowder Plot3* Wives og Henry VIII3* Mary Queen of Scots-------------