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Bungay Castle - Elizabeth Bonhote Dedication: TO THE MOST NOBLE CHARLES DUKE OF NORFOLK, WHOSE URBANITY AND PHILANTHROPY MUST EVER REFLECT ADDITIONAL HONOURS ON THE NAME OF HOWARD; BY WHOSE NOBLE FAMILY BUNGAY CASTLE WAS POSSESSED FOR MANY CENTURIES; THE FOLLOWING PAGES ARE RESPECTFULLY INSCRIBED, BY HIS GRACE'S MOST OBEDIENT, AND VERY HUMBLE SERVANT, ELIZ. BONHOTE.Bungay, 1797.Opening to the Introduction: Castle-Building appears to have been the passion of all ages; while some have been raising their fabrics on the most solid and lasting foundations, others have been forming them in the air, where the structure has been erected with infinitely less trouble, as their own invention led them to wish, and very pleasant, no doubt, was the delusion of the moment. Model of Bungay CastleAlthough the GR blurb-box stresses that Bungay laid in Norfolk, it is to our modern sensibilities, in Suffolk, and nestled in near the river Waveney.The roots of Bungay/Castle Orchard according to wiki: Originally this was a Norman castle held by the Bigod family. It was confiscated by Henry II in 1157 but restored to the Bigods around 1164. The castle was rebuilt by Hugh Bigod in 1165. It was again confiscated following the 1173-4 revolt and the great tower was pulled down. However it was restored yet again to the Bigods and was further developed in 1294 by Roger Bigod. BiGawd that was a lot of confiscating and rebuilding.Drama Llama stuff with lots of swooning that is worth a looksee.