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The Black Pharaoh - Christian Jacq Translated by Sue DysonOpening quote: And the sun rose over the earth, as a new day dawned. Stele of PiankhyOpening: When she saw her husband returning from the temple, the village headman's wife tried to make herself believe that he was carrying a sack of wheat on his shoulders.In Egypt, great changes within the 23rd and 24th dynasties led to rule from Nubia in the 25th Dynasty. From wiki (always frill-free, if at times inaccurate!): Piye (once transliterated as Piankhi d. 721 BC) was a Kushite king and founder of the Twenty-fifth dynasty of Egypt who ruled Egypt from 753/752 BCE to c.722 BCE according to the most recent academic research by Rolf Krauss and David Warburton.He ruled from the city of Napata, located deep in Nubia, modern day Sudan. In this book he was known by the old translation of Pianki and he ruled from Napata, the capital of Kush (now in modern day Sudan). The nearby mountain was the southern border of Egypt. The action in this story starts circa 730 BC Gebel Barkal.This story is woven around the adventure recounted on a huge stele (1.8m high and 1.48m wide), which is preserved in the museum in Cairo. It was discovered in 1862 on the site of Gebel Barkal by Auguste Mariette and held in his museum in Bulaq before being transferred to the present Museum of Antiquities.Summer 2013 Egyptian Encounters:Cleopatra (1963) Film Only3* The Mummy Curse2* Alexandria: The Last Nights of Cleopatra4* The Complete Valley of the Kings1* Ancient Egypt by George Rawlinson4* Tutankhamen: Life and death of a Pharoah2* The Luxor Museum3* Tutankhamen's Treasure3* The Black Pharaoh3* Nubian Twilight../ complimentary reading!