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Cop Killer - Maj Sjöwall, Per Wahlöö, Alan Blair Cop Killer by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö Translated by Thomas Teal Dramatised for radio by Jennifer HowarthBBC BLURB: The murder of a woman in a small village outside Malmö in Southern Sweden wouldn't normally warrant the attentions of Detective Inspector Martin Beck and his team. But this woman lived next door to a man who has already killed once, and the press are taking a lot of interest in the case. Beck and Kollberg aren't getting anywhere when a teenage shootout between two teenage boys and the police not far away starts a series of events that eventually leads them to the killer, and sets the seal on a significant decision for Lennart Kollberg.Original Music by Elizabeth Purnell Directed by Sara Davies.3* Roseanna (Martin Beck #1) 3* The Man Who Went Up in Smoke (Martin Beck #2) 3* The Man on the Balcony (Martin Beck, #3) 3* The Laughing Policeman (Martin Beck #4) 3* The Fire Engine That Disappeared (Martin Beck #5)#6 MISSING! Oh Noes!!3* The Abominable Man (Martin Beck #7)3* The Locked Room (Martin Beck #8) 2* Cop Killer (Martin Beck #9)