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The Rockin' Chair - Steven Manchester Dedication:For my father's grandchildrenand for Paula - my loveOpening quote: The truth has many perceptions, while attitude shall dictate the end of life's memories. Evan McCarthyOpening: An angry wind whipped down from the mountains and tapped Alice on the shoulder.A confusing start that only begins to make sense once we learn that the Alice from that opening line has Alzheimer's, and the McCarthy's in general have that ubiquitous Family Disease. Family disease you ask?, low-level dysfunction that stand-up comedians exploit, especially in the Holiday season, when relatives have to be pandered to. We all laugh at those jokes because they are near the knuckle.This story has nothing to laugh about, we are introduced to the members via their own short POV inserts and never really get time to feel the flesh on the bones.Alice, who has given her life over to looking after everyone finds herself alone and her memories have turned into nightmarish jumbled images, photograph frames of angst.There are some lovely lines in here to savour yet I for one, will never look at an idyllic Rockin' Chair porch scene without feeling Alice in her distress, and that must mean this is a convincing tale.