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Tudors: The History of England from Henry VIII to Elizabeth I - Peter Ackroyd ARC from NetGalley.St. Martin's Press and Thomas Dunne Books are just about my favourite dynamic duo. Two Ackroyds on the go, one slow read through the labyrinthian alleys of Venice, where I glimpsed a red-hooded macintosh disappearing around corners just ahead, and then this one, the well trodden path of both historians and readers alike, yet under Ackroyd's nib I willingly delved into again.The Tudors, like Venice itself, were a maze of connections, dead-ends, tricky routes. As proof of point just look at how many people still mix up 'Bloody Mary' and 'Mary, Queen of Scots'. Peter Ackroyd is at his very best here with his whimsical asides and not so very covert opinions and although this is a large page count the interplay of craftsmanship and period interest had me all too soon at that last page after an obsessive late night binge-read.Highly recommended, and will be purchasing the book to add to my collection:3* Hawksmoor4* The Canterbury Tales4* Shakespeare the biography4* Chatterton1* The Lambs of London5* Dickens3* The House of Dr Dee3* Poe: A Life Cut Short2* The Plato Papers3* The Fall of TroyCR Venice: Pure City5* Tudors