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Venice: Pure City - Peter Ackroyd fileopenonlaptop = it'll take a while.For Alison SamuelOpening: They voyaged into the remote and secluded waters. They came in flat-bottomed boats, moving over the shallows. They were exiles, far from their own cities or farms, fleeing from the marauding tribes of the North and the East. And they had come to this wild place, a wide and flat lagoon in which fresh water from the rivers on the mainland and salt water from the Adriatic mingled. At low tide there were mud-flats all around, cut through with streams and rivulets and small channels; at high tide there were small islands of silt and marsh-grass.It is lovely wandering through this history of Venice with the estimable Mr. Ackroyd thrilling the shell-likes with tidbits and trivia, making sure that we haven't walked past something that deserved a closer look. Saint Theodore astride a crocodile, St. Mark's Square.Well, the verb I used up there ↑ was 'wandering' and yet this journey is brisker. At 8% I had already been in and out of the Basilica to view the sea-themed mosaics.The human brain, according to psychologists, tell us that nuggets of information have to be heard six times before the brain stores it away complete, so when training, the trick is to pop those items in along the course but from contrasting angles, or couched inbetween differing verbal neighbours. Ackroyd's delivery is somewhat similar in construction: he doesn't repeat himself in entirety, yet he does endeavour to make sure the reader comes away with some facts under the belt. --------------------- Bucintoro: On Ascension day the Doge would climb aboard and marry the sea for another year.So many lovely pictures and photographs that I have tried to find other visuals for the status updates.3* Hawksmoor4* The Canterbury Tales4* Shakespeare the biography4* Chatterton1* The Lambs of London5* Dickens3* The House of Dr Dee3* Poe: A Life Cut Short2* The Plato Papers3* The Fall of Troy3* Venice: Pure City (2007)5* Tudors (2013)FMI - to go back through and add publishing year to the above titles